Black Lives Matter. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

About Curvature


Hi there, I'm Lisa and I'm the maker and creator behind Curvature.

For years and years, I have been so incredibly bored, frustrated and fed up with the rubbish offerings of fashion for women who are considered, 'plus size.' Not to mention the way that women in this demographic are overlooked and excluded by the big players in retail. I'm sure you would agree with me when I say that we do not need anymore dark, floral, flowy and synthetic offerings of shapeless and boring styles.

So, I kept thinking to myself (and shaking my fist in a dramatic yet sassy manner) that, 'someone needs to do something.' Because the reality is that when it comes to plus size fashion, (this quote from the movie Trainspotting sums it up perfectly), 'it's a shite state of affairs.'

Then I thought about it for many years while I worked away in the Community Services sector in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. I would day dream about it, from my prison office window (where I was working, not serving btw). I would day dream about it while I was sterilizing bottles on Maternity Leave with my daughter, Evie. Then I would lay awake at night day dreaming about it some more. Then I decided to get my arse into gear and make it actually happen.

In 2018, my little family and I, packed up and moved out of the desert to the sandy shores and beautiful beaches of the western suburbs in Adelaide, South Australia (which is home for me). This is when I got to work making this dream a reality.

I searched far and wide to work with and be taught by the best in the industry. I have and continued to be mentored by those who are absolute experts when it comes to the fine art and science of Italian couture. My pattern drafting is created and crafted by hand. Pencil on paper. Old skool. The best.

Curvature launched in October 2019, with one style of frock and available in size 14 to 24 only. As more interest and love of the label grew, I gave lots of considered thought towards Curvature being a 'plus size only label.'

I realised that by excluding other sizes, this is mimicking exactly the same exclusionary behaviour that us plus size women have always been faced with and experienced. So that's why I changed Curvature to now be available in sizes 6 to 30.

I am deeply committed to delivering high quality, ethically produced clothing.  Everything is proudly made right here in Adelaide, South Australia. Everything is made to order and I strive to be as sustainable as possible, creating garments that will last for many seasons to come.

 Curvature garments have a 30-business day turnaround time. Once your order is placed via the website, fabric will be ordered and digitally printed, especially for your garment. This works to reduce the enormous amount of textile waste that is produced by the fashion industry every year. Once your fabric arrives, your order will be cut out by a highly skilled pattern cutter, making all the changes and customisations you have requested, longer length, wider sleeve or maybe a different neckline. Once cut, your order goes into the final stage of production which involves being handed over to an expert, professional seamstress/tailor.

Curvature is rooted in body positivity and female empowerment. It has been a lifetime in the making and has taken loads and loads of research, trial and error to be where it is today. It is growing and evolving all the time. I love what I do and the opportunity it has afforded me to be surrounded by such positive people and customers who share the same values and commitment to change, inclusion, visibility and the power of all women.

Lisa xx

 Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have:

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 Curvature acknowledges and pays enormous respect to the Arrernte People of Alice Springs, on whose country, came the inception of Curvature. These same deep feelings are shared with the Kaurna People of the Adelaide Plains on whose country, Curvature has come to life.

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.