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Curvature Sizing Kit
Curvature Sizing Kit

Curvature Sizing Kit

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Plus size shopping online is a nightmare, right?

Made worse because most small businesses don't offer refunds, right?

So then you think... It's too much of a risk to order something and then be stuck with it if it doesn't fit or doesn't suit me, right?

So then you decide, bugger it, I'll just continue to shop with the big brands even though I don't like their ethics, fabric or lack of body diversity in all their marketing and campaigning. Erghhhhh.

Does this sound familiar?? Thought so...

Now what if I told you that there was a magical way that you could 'try before you buy?' From a small, Australian made, ethical and body positive fashion label that celebrates all things colour and curve. Would you believe it? 

Well, let me tell you my plus size sister, now there is...

(cue confetti explosions, balloon releases, streamers falling and white doves flying)

The Sizing Kits are a game changer. Here's how it works...

Using our Size Guide, choose which size you think you are and add to cart. Once you've gone through checkout, the following will be sent to you:

  • Toile- pronounced twaaahhhl (channel your best Prude & Trude voice)
  • Tape measure
  • A swatch of our luxe cotton fabric
  • Self-addressed mail bag

Once you get your Sizing Kit, in the comfort of your own home you can try on your toile and use the tape measure to work out what customisations you may want such as a longer length or wider sleeve. You also have the fabric swatch to feel just how luxe our fabric is.

Staying true to their rustic roots, the toiles are in no way a finished professional garment. They are made from a polyester cotton poplin fabric and are purely a way for you to test the size and style of our frocks to then fine tune your future orders.

Our final, finished frocks - are sewn by professional seamstresses and not yours truly I must add.

Then, once you have had your try on, all you will need to do is pop it in the self addressed mail bag and then into the letterbox. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

It would be so appreciated if you could return the toile after a week. That way, it can be laundered and sent on to your plus-size sister who will be waiting patiently  for her size to come back into our stock room #plussizesisterhood.

Once your toile comes back to Curvature, you will be sent a free shipping code for your next order.

The Sizing Kits are complimentary because we as plus size women have been disadvantaged for way too long when it comes to fashion.

The only cost involved is a $20.00 shipping charge.

**Please note that at this stage, there is only 1 toile available per Sizing Kit order**