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  • Diet Culture's Grip on Plus Size Fashion Choices

    The reluctance of many of us plus-size women to invest in our wardrobes often stems from deeper issues of self-worth and the pervasive influence of diet culture. Despite the current cost-of-living crisis, this mentality has persisted over the years. The constant comparison to unrealistic beauty standards leads to feelings of inadequacy, making fashion investments seem pointless and I have some thoughts about it.
  • A shitstorm on the horizon

    My New Years resolutions were always based around my body and that my body needed to change. Drastically.

    Five years ago, I was so highly influenced by diet culture. I thought that being thin was the only way to be seen as attractive. To be deemed as worthy and to be perceived as successful. But something has happened to me in the last five years. It’s been a slow, but steady change that has utterly disrupted these once held beliefs.