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Diet Culture's Grip on Plus Size Fashion Choices

Diet Culture’s Grip on Plus-Size Fashion Choices

Recent conversations I’ve had, have got me once again thinking about the link between women in plus size bodies, their reluctance to invest in themselves, their wardrobe and why that is.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all too aware that we are in a cost-of-living crisis at the moment, and I understand that prioritizing expenses is essential. I’ve put off writing about this because of this current climate. However, this is something I have noticed over many years- not just in recent times and I have some thoughts about it.

The Struggle With Self-Worth

For many of us women living in plus size bodies, the road to self-acceptance is fraught with endless challenges. We get bombarded by images of the ‘ideal’ body which is a standard that is not only unrealistic but also exclusionary.

This constant comparison. So often leads to feelings of inadequacy and low self worth. It goes without saying that when you feel rubbish about your body, investing in clothes can seem like a futile endeavor. Why spend money on clothes when you’re not happy with the person wearing them?

The Myth of Future Transformation

Another significant factor is the pervasive belief that our current body is temporary.

Diet culture reinforces the idea that happiness and self-worth are just a few kilos away. This belief can lead to an endless cycle of dieting and dissatisfaction, where we are perpetually waiting for our "goal weight" before allowing ourselves to invest in beautiful clothing.

The idea is that someday, when we finally fit into those unrealistic beauty standards, that we will be worthy of nice clothes.

This mindset is harmful because it keeps us from appreciating and adorning the bodies we have now. It perpetuates a cycle of self-neglect and postpones self-love indefinitely. By constantly striving to change our bodies, many of us miss out on the joy of dressing well and feeling good in the present moment.

The Impact of Diet Culture

Diet culture doesn’t just influence how we see ourselves; it also shapes our spending habits. The promise of a new body can often feel like a more worthwhile investment than new clothes. Weight loss programs, supplements, and fitness regimens can drain financial resources, leaving little left for wardrobe upgrades. This diversion of funds, combined with the internalized belief that our current body is not worthy of fashionable clothing, leads many of us plus-size women to deprioritize investing in our wardrobes.

Embracing Self-Acceptance

In the face of these challenges, it’s crucial to advocate for self-acceptance and the importance of investing in ourselves. Fashion is not just about aesthetics; it’s a powerful form of self-expression and self-care. When we invest in clothing that fits well and makes us feel good, we’re making a statement that we value ourselves. By choosing to invest in quality pieces, we’re rejecting the notion that only certain bodies deserve to be adorned beautifully. We’re embracing the body we have now, and that’s a powerful act of self-love.

Final Musings

Us plus-size women deserve to feel confident and beautiful in our clothing. The hesitation to invest in fashion often stems from deep-seated issues of self-worth, societal pressure, and diet culture. By embracing self-acceptance and prioritizing investments in quality, size-inclusive fashion, we can break free from these negative cycles and celebrate our bodies as they are. Remember, every body is worthy of love, respect, and beautiful clothing. Invest in yourself —you are worth it.

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