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Game on Mole Cushion Cover
Game on Mole Cushion Cover

Game on Mole Cushion Cover

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It's time to make your home iconic!

The greatest clap back in Australian slang has been immortalized on this cushion cover with bold multi-coloured font from Nicola at Printed Weird.

Mole: Noun

Historically spelt 'moll' when the word was used to describe a gangster's girlfriend. Modernly spelt 'mole,' a slang term used equally as an insult and as a term of endearment.

Person One: "I really love you ya mole"

Person Two: "Right back at ya" 


Worker One: "What's up with Karen this week?"

Worker Two: "I don't know but she's been acting like an absolute mole since last Tuesday."


Here's the details:

  • 40cm X 40cm cushion cover
  • Bone coloured cushion cover printed with multi coloured-font
  • Linen feel/made from durable 100% polyester fabric
  • has zip on one size
  • These are ready to ship, please allow 48 hours to be in the post
  • Please wash on cold, do not iron the artwork
  • This is the cushion cover only- filling to be purchased separately from the likes of Kmart, Spotlight, Ikea etc