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Your Fave Black Skirt
Your Fave Black Skirt
Your Fave Black Skirt
Your Fave Black Skirt

Your Fave Black Skirt

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Your fave black skirt has arrived!

This skirt has been thoughtfully designed to wear under the black tulle frock. However, it is most certainly the kind of everyday skirt you can wear on it's own with a cute tee or cami. Because, #versatile

Here's the details:

  • A fully elastic waist band that allows approx 5-10cm extra stretch on the waist
  • The shape is a 'half circle' creating slight waves as it flares out from the waist
  • 100% mid weight cotton
  • Pockets on both sides
  • Designed to sit high on the waist
  • If buying together with the tulle frock, the length of this skirt will be made 5cm shorter than the length of the tulle frock to create a 'design gap' of tulle between skirt and frock 
  • I'm wearing the S/18 in these pics and am 163cm tall. This skirt's length has been designed to wear under a 10cm shorter tulle frock
  • If you would like this skirt independent of the tulle frock, email me and we can work out a custom length for you:

If you purchase this skirt in conjunction with the Tulle Frock, the length of the skirt will be 5cm shorter than your frock length. As this skirt is designed to sit high on the waist, this length is calculated from the position of the seam on the frock where the bodice meets the skirt.

As everything is 100% made to order, please allow up to four weeks to receive your order. Curvature is dedicated to slow fashion and are passionate about a much more ethical and sustainable approach to all things fashion. 

Size Guide:



Total Waist Circumference


76cm + 5cm with stretch


80cm + 5cm with stretch


84cm + 5cm with stretch


88cm + 5cm with stretch


92cm + 5cm with stretch


96cm + 5cm with stretch


100cm + 5cm with stretch


104cm + 5cm with stretch


108cm + 5cm with stretch


112cm + 5cm with stretch


116cm + 5cm with stretch